Remy Michel Mauduit

Remy Michel Mauduit

I have been dealing with COPD for more than four years (from my first exacerbation).

A year and three months ago, I had a lung cancer surgery. I believe I can use my experience to help people plagued with the same disease and to organization and caregivers dedicated to the same cause.

Founder and editor of ASPJ–A&F (Air and Space Power Journal–Africa & Francophonie), since July 2005. The Journal is a U.S. Air Force scholarly Journal (quarterly). The Journal contributors are scholars, researchers, policy makers, practitioners, and informed observers in international relations, security issues, civil-military relations, leadership, ethics/morality, and gender issues in society, economics, democracy, terrorism and human rights. The Journal is distributed in 185 countries; 1,015 academic institutions; 292 think tanks in 42 countries; 667 institutes; government agencies; armed and security forces; and so forth.

Chair, Guy P. Wyser-Pratte French Institute, U.S. Marine Corps. I provide the Marine Corps University (MCU) with a non-resident expert and scholar in French Studies that includes the study of the country, culture, language, national and international effects, economics and the impact of international affairs, especially the French influence on Africa. I teach classes throughout the academic year that address the above areas in concert with current curricula programs. Additionally, I am available for regionally focused instruction on Africa to deploying Operating Forces and Supporting Establishment commands.

Speaker/lecturer, researcher, and analyst on insurgency, counterinsurgency, terrorism and counterterrorism, and related fields, at universities, intelligence communities, war colleges, command & staff colleges, special operations units (such as Navy Seals), special operations schools, and so forth, in the U.S. and internationally.

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