Becoming a Breathe Well, Live Well Educator

Breathe Well, Live Well is the American Lung Association's adult asthma self-management program that teaches adults to take control of their asthma so they can be active and healthy. Serving as a Breathe Well, Live Well educator you will use the American Lung Association's winning resource, "Breathe Well, Live Well: The Guide to Managing Your Asthma at Home and Work" to facilitate the adult asthma education. The course aims to prepare healthcare professionals to better understand the issues that may contribute to an adults' poor asthma control, and teach them management techniques to help them gain better control.

What Is a Breathe Well, Live Well Certified Educator?

A Breathe Well, Live Well Educator is a health professional, health educator, or a community health worker that engages with adults with asthma. Asthma-related knowledge and experience is recommended for anyone interested in becoming an educator.

  • A Breathe Well, Live Well Certified Educator is a person who:
    • work with adults who have uncontrolled asthma;
    • wants to help adults learn better asthma management and improve their quality of life;
    • can relate to adults from a diverse background; and
    • provides support for participants concerns and referral to resources in the community for additional help.

Become a Breathe Well, Live Well Certified Educator

Individuals interested in becoming a Breathe Well, Live Well Educator must complete the free online Breathe Well, Live Well Educator Training. The course includes access to Asthma Basics, our interactive online learning module designed to help people learn more about asthma, as well as preparation to facilitate adult asthma self-management education.

There are four key outcomes in this course. You will:

  • Understand the impact of poor asthma control among adults,
  • Be able to describe the treatment and prevention of asthma symptoms in adults,
  • Learn how to explain the concepts of asthma self-management, and
  • Be able to describe the evidence and evaluation of the Breathe Well, Live Well program.

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A Case Study – Long Beach, California

Learn more about how Long Beach, Calif. city health officials used the American Lung Association's Breathe Well, Live Well curriculum in their home visit program and helped residents gain control of their asthma while reducing health care utilization costs for the city. Watch Video.

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