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Tell state governors to protect healthy air and support transportation electrification

Help protect healthy air today. Sign our petition supporting Transportation Electrification 

Air pollution from transportation harms our health – especially our lung health - and contributes to climate change - threatening our future. It is time for states to take necessary steps to move beyond burning fossil fuels by investing in a transition to electric transportation today. 

Please sign our petition to call on your Governor to set the course for transportation and clean power solutions that don’t pollute our air, endanger our health or jeopardize our children’s future. We can’t afford another generation suffering from health issues as a result of traffic exhaust. It is essential to implement clean energy solutions immediately to prevent needless harm to public health.


Dear Governor: 

On behalf of our families and our communities, we urge you to take steps today to ensure that all Americans can breathe healthy air that is free from transportation pollution. Nearly half of all Americans live in communities impacted by poor air quality, and climate change is making air pollution worse. The transportation system must change if we are to continue to make progress in cleaning our air. 

From passenger cars to transit buses and heavy-duty diesel trucks, the transportation sector adds to local and regional air pollution burdens and is the leading source of greenhouse gases, which fuel the climate crisis. Lower-income communities and communities of color often face greater health burdens from air pollution exposure due to major local sources of transportation pollution, including highways, ports, railyards and other major hotspots. We need solutions that eliminate transportation pollution from our communities. Moving away from a transportation system that burns fossil fuels will clean our air, protect our future, save lives and avoid tens of billions of dollars in health costs per year, according to the American Lung Association’s latest research. 

Innovative technologies are coming online every day. Electric vehicle (EV) range is increasing and battery prices are falling. Communities are demanding cleaner air and action on climate. We urge each state to join this EV revolution to ensure the infrastructure is available to support a healthier future. 

We call on you to make the transition to electric transportation and clean, non-combustion renewable power a key priority today:

  • Invest in the infrastructure necessary to support a zero-emission transportation sector, including charging for zero-emission vehicles, transit and school buses and at truck stops.
  • Support incentives for consumers and businesses to make it easy to choose electric vehicles - a healthier purchasing decision.
  • Prioritize investments in communities facing the greatest pollution burdens today.

We urge you to move as quickly as possible to support a transition to electric transportation so that all Americans can breathe clean air today, address climate change and build a healthier future for all of our children. 


Page last updated: September 16, 2020

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