Leading For Lungs

Let’s Call on Congress to Invest in a Healthier Future

The time is now to build a healthier nation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted many aspects of our country affecting lung health that are in desperate need of attention, reform and investment. Now, as Congress works on legislation to rebuild our nation, there is an opportunity to improve healthcare and protect health from climate change and air pollution that we cannot afford to miss.

Join us in Leading for Lungs by contacting your representative and senators in Washington and asking them to ensure a healthier future by using the Build Back Better bill to:

  • Invest in the transition to zero-emission vehicles, including school buses
  • Invest in clean, non-combustion renewable electricity 
  • Prioritize frontline communities for pollution cleanup 
  • Permanently expand healthcare premium subsidies
  • Permanently close the Medicaid coverage gap
  • Reduce youth tobacco use by increasing federal taxes on all tobacco products

There are two easy ways you can do this:

#1 Call your senators and representative.

Call each number below to be automatically connected with your representatives in Congress. You'll make three total calls, one to the House line and two to the Senate line. Share your name and where you live, then use the bullet points(above) to guide what you say.

Call your senators at: 1-866-381-4595
(call twice to reach each senator)

Call your House member at: 1-866-374-0677

#2 Send an email to Congress.

We've drafted an email to Congress that outlines how they can support investments that improve health equity, access to quality and affordable healthcare, lung health, clean air, and a safer climate.

All you need to do is fill out your info and send!

Thank you for joining us in leading for lungs, and let's all make sure Congress invests in a healthier future.

Recovering from COVID, Investing in a Healthier Future

Read about the priorities we are urging Congress to include to ensure healthier lungs.
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Page last updated: October 1, 2021

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