Hyung-Geun Moon, Ph.D.

Hyung-Geun Moon, Ph.D.

Institution: University of Illinois at Chicago

Project: CSF1-CSF1R pathway for allergen sensitization

Grant(s): Catalyst Award

Asthma is a chronic airway disease with intermittent exacerbations that can lead to frequent emergency room visits and hospitalizations. We recently discovered that airway epithelial cell derived CSF1 and CSF1R carrying conventional dendritic cell type 2 (cDC2) play a critical role in asthma development. The study revealed diminished cDC2 population in the normal condition. We will determine the role of CSF1R carrying cDC2 in an asthma model of mouse. We will also investigate how CSF1-CSF1R interaction promote the cDC2 in response to allergen adopting single cell-RNA sequencing. Our study will contribute to greater understanding of how asthma develops and provide insights to identify novel therapeutic targets for treatment.

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