Targeted Disease(s):
Lung Cancer

Purpose of Study:

This is a research study that is aimed at finding the location of gene(s) that may increase the risk of lung cancer in some families. Persons who have lung cancer and their relatives will be qualified to participate as research subjects in this study. This is not a study in which subjects will be treated for any diseases or receive any health care. The study will determine whether genes, interacting with cigarette smoking, affect risk of developing lung cancer, and where such genes may be located on the chromosomes. Participation in this research study will require: (a) cooperation in assembling a family history, (b) in some cases, granting permission to obtain medical records and tissue samples for deceased relatives (permission to be granted by deceased's next-of-kin), and (c) completion of an environmental questionnaire.

Study Dates:
January 1, 1996 - January 1, 2022

Study Location:

Lead Institution:
Louisiana State University Health and Sciences Center (LSUHSC)

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