The American Lung Association's Radon Basics course is a free one-hour interactive online learning program designed to help people understand more about radon, a radioactive cancer-causing gas commonly found indoors at dangerous levels.  

This course is designed to be appropriate for anyone who wants to learn more about radon and about how to test for it and fix problems, including home buyers, real estate professionals and home inspectors concerned about safe and healthy housing. 

Radon Basics can also equip healthcare professionals, community health workers and public environmental health educators with information they can use to encourage people to protect their health and their home. 

This program will teach participants to:

  • Understand what radon is, where it comes from, and its risks for causing lung cancer;
  • Explain why everyone should test for radon and describe how to do it;
  • Understand how radon comes into a home, and how to fix homes to reduce radon exposure;  and
  • Describe actions that will result in systemic changes that move beyond a “one house at a time” approach.

One of the highlights of this learning program is a special “appearance” of a famous scientist to answer the question How Do We Measure Radon?

Another highlight is the animation Fate of Radon in the Body that shows how lung damage resulting from exposure to radon can lead to lung cancer.

Radon Basics also includes external resources and links to help users identify the best sources of information and help in testing for radon and mitigating radon problems. 

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Page last updated: August 26, 2020

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