Since it was first introduced over 41 years ago, the American Lung Association's Freedom From Smoking® program has helped hundreds of thousands of Americans end their addiction to nicotine and begin new tobacco-free lives. Freedom From Smoking® is based on proven addiction and behavior change models. The program offers a structured, systematic approach to quitting, and its positive messaging emphasizes the benefits of better health. 

Evaluation studies and other research have shown that people who participate in Freedom From Smoking®:

  • Experience both immediate and long-term health benefits.
  • Learn to address and overcome the physical, mental and social aspects of their addiction.
  • Are six times more likely to be tobacco-free one year later than those who quit on their own.
  • When used in combination with cessation medication(s), up to 60% of Freedom From Smoking® participants report having quit by the end of the program.

The American Lung Association has been helping people quit smoking for over 41 years through Freedom From Smoking®. Ranked as one of the most effective cessation programs in the country, Freedom From Smoking® has helped hundreds of thousands of people quit for good and is now available in a variety of formats.

Freedom From Smoking® Plus

Go tobacco-free with the click of a button through Freedom From Smoking® Plus. A user-friendly interface helps you create a personal quit plan on your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Through interactive features that include videos, quizzes and activities, Freedom From Smoking® Plus walks you through the quitting process and offers a surround sound of support from our Lung HelpLine counselors and other quitters through our online community.  See a free demo of this program at

Introducing the Freedom From Smoking Plus website.

Freedom From Smoking® Group Programs

Our in-person or virtually delivered Freedom From Smoking® group programs include eight sessions led by a certified facilitator with a small group of eight to 16 people and are held throughout the country. The program features a step-by-step plan for quitting and each session is designed to help tobacco users gain control over their behavior. Because no single quit plan is right for all tobacco users, the program presents a variety of evidence-based techniques for individuals to combine into their own plan to quit. The clinic format also encourages participants to work on the process and problems of quitting both individually and as part of a group. Find a Group Program near you.

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Freedom From Smoking®: The Guide to Help You Quit Smoking

Work through a quit attempt on your own time, at your own pace and on your own through the Freedom From Smoking® Self-Help Guide. This guide is available in English and Spanish, and you can lean on the support of the Lung HelpLine and online community whenever you need it. Visit to order your copy of the Freedom From Smoking®: The Guide to Help You Quit Smoking today.

Lung HelpLine

Staffed by respiratory therapists and certified tobacco treatment specialists, the Lung HelpLine is available to answer any question! Whether you're looking to start a quit attempt, want to learn more about Freedom From Smoking® Plus, Group Clinics, The Guide to Help You Quit Smoking, or want telephone counseling from an expert over the course of your journey to quit. Call 1-800-LUNGUSA.
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Online Support Community

Chat and connect with other quitters who understand what you are going through on our online community, Quit Now: Freedom From Smoking®. Signing up for a profile is quick, easy and free to access at any time. Start a conversation and meet other quitters, share your quit date and see if there are others who are quitting at the same time. Moderated by Lung HelpLine staff, the online community is a supportive and helpful resource throughout your quit attempt and beyond.

About the Program

The Freedom From Smoking® program has helped hundreds of thousands of people quit smoking since its first release in 1981. Learn more about the program and how it can help you, too!

Success Stories

  • They gave me a quit date. I did everything they told me to do, and I have never smoked again. They gave me the tools that showed me when I smoked and why I was smoking. It was like a miracle, truly like a miracle. I just kept going—and I'm still going." – Glady
  • “One day I happened to run into a friend that worked at our local hospital, who was working with someone at our local health department teaching the smoking cessation classes. I told her to give me a call when the next class starts. A couple months later she called and I decided, what the heck, I'll give it a shot. Afterall, what's the harm? If I decided I didn't like it, I could always stop going. Well, thank goodness I didn't do that! A week into the class, I smoked my last cigarette. That was October 1, 2019 and I've been smoke free ever since. I feel so much better, I breathe better, and my blood pressure is the best it's been in over 30 years. I'm so glad today I made that decision to give the Freedom From Smoking® classes a shot.” – Mark Perry 

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Addressing Tobacco Use in Black Communities Toolkit

The American Lung Association’s Addressing Tobacco Use Among Black Communities Toolkit serves to educate and build confidence among public health professionals and community-based individuals addressing tobacco disparities in the Black community.
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Help Your Employees Stop Smoking

Freedom From Smoking® is used by employers, hospitals, health plans and other organizations to help the individuals they serve become tobacco free for life.

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