Stair Climbing For Healthy Lungs

Climb stairs to get fit or stay in top shape. Our Fight For Air Climb events are designed for every type of climber, from beginner to competitive. Claim your spot on the stairs at one of our country’s most iconic locations.

Why Should You Climb With Us?

For your Friends, Family & Co-workers
We’re climbing stairs to support people with lung disease who are fighting for every breath.

For the Firefighters & First Responders
Unhealthy air is an occupational hazard for firefighters and first responders—show your appreciation and climb with these everyday heroes.

For You
Stair climbing engages and strengthens more major muscles, including your glutes—you’re welcome.

climbers standing in a circle, arms around each other

Do Good, Feel Great

  • You are supporting people with lung disease who are fighting for every breath.
  • You are stepping up for clean air across the country and in your community.
  • You are doing something positive for yourself and for people in need.

Health Benefits

  • Improves balance and coordination.
  • Strengthens more major muscles, including your glutes… you’re welcome!
  • Consistent stair climbing as a daily activity helps lower mortality risk.

What You Get

  • Every climber receives an official Fight For Air Climb t-shirt.
  • A sense of accomplishment in a supportive, celebratory atmosphere.
  • A safe, enjoyable event experience with a complimentary pick-me-up snack and water.

Space on the stairs is limited, so step up for healthy air and healthy lungs by registering today.

Find An Event Near You

Enter your state or zip code to find the event closest to your home, office, or wherever—totally up to you.

Saving Lives Through Research, Education, and Advocacy in Your Community and Across the Country

Fighting for 326 million Americans' right to breathe clean air.
Serving more than 34 million Americans with lung disease.
Funding $165 million in groundbreaking lung health research.

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