Climate Change

Drought, wildfires, heat, flooding, increased air pollution—these are just a few of the challenges millions of Americans encounter from climate change.

From the direct impact of the temperature and weather changes to the special burdens these changes place on the most vulnerable communities, climate change seriously threatens our wellness—especially our lung health.

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Climate change is a health emergency. From wildfires and worsened ozone air pollution to extreme storms and flooding, climate change is placing our health at risk.

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Who Is at Risk from Climate Change?

Millions of people face greater health risks from the impacts of climate change, especially people with lung and heart disease.
 See who's at risk. 

Climate Change and Our Lungs

Air pollution, extreme weather events and other challenges stemming from climate change all endanger our lung health.
Here's why.

Climate Change and Air Pollution

Scientists warn that climate change can impact the air we breathe, making it harder to clean up ozone pollution and increasing the risk of particle pollution. 
See how climate change impacts air pollution.

Stand Up For Clean Air

Through collective action, we can all help improve air quality and address climate change. Join the movement.

What We Can Do to Fight Climate Change

Climate change poses a major threat to lung health, so we must take steps to fight back.
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Page last updated: November 17, 2022

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