2022 Firefighter Calendar

The American Lung Association is honoring firefighters that competed in their local Fight For Air Climbs to raise awareness and funds to support our vision of a world free of lung disease. Top firefighting fundraisers are featured in our annual calendar alongside fire-safety tips, stats on how fires affect our lung health and more.


Every year, firefighters race into danger to save others, and when they get the call to raise awareness for lung heath, they don their gear weighing over 45 pounds to race up hundreds of stairs in an effort to save even more lives. Our mission hits close to home with firefighters because of their increased susceptibility to lung disease, including lung cancer due to exposure of gases, chemicals and smoke in the line of duty. We’re honoring these heroes – who protect us from lethal smoke and step up to the cause every year to support our mission – with our inaugural 2021 Fight For Air Climb Firefighter Calendar.

Calendar sales support the mission of the American Lung Association.


Get Involved

The race is on! Firefighters across the country are competing to be the top fundraiser at their local Fight For Air Climb will be featured in the 2023 calendar. Step up to save more lives than ever before and sign up your fire station. The competition is fierce – sign up for your local Fight For Air Climb today!

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