Living with Lung Cancer

Learn what you can expect living with lung cancer, get tips on talking about lung cancer and coping with emotions, find support groups, and see how to make plans for your future care.

What to Expect

From advocating for yourself to emotions and lifestyle changes, living with lung cancer is a journey. Here are a few of the main things you can expect as you navigate through treatment and beyond. 

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How to Talk about Lung Cancer

Talking about lung cancer with your loved ones, friends and even your employer can be overwhelming. It is important to remember: There is no right or wrong way. Here are some helpful points to consider when telling people about your lung cancer.

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Life Planning

Uncertainty about the future is stressful for lung cancer patients and caregivers. Often, making arrangements for the future and end-of-life care gives patients and their loved ones a sense of control over the situation.

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Coping with Emotions

Living with lung cancer can bring up emotions you've never felt before. Learn how to keep yourself emotionally healthy during your journey.

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Find Support Groups

Being able to speak freely within a trusted and supporting group can positively impact your health.

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Page last updated: August 23, 2021

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