A Pulmonary Podcast Series by the American Lung Association and HCPLive

The American Lung Association has partnered with HCPLive, a clinical news and information portal for physicians, to launch our podcast series hosted by our very own Chief Medical Officer Dr. Albert Rizzo. Entitled Lungcast™, it spotlights conversations with researchers, physicians, patients and advocates about hot topics impacting lung health.

Welcome to Lungcast

Hear a preview of what's to come on this podcast, a deep-dive interview series on the greatest topics of respiratory health.

Latest Episodes

Dr. Michael Greenberg
Dr. Richard Nettles

Episode #14: Vaccination Roundtable with Drs. Michael Greenberg & Richard Nettles

In this timely episode, we are joined by infectious disease experts Dr. Michael Greenberg of Sanofi Pasteur and Dr. Richard (Rick) Nettles of Johnson & Johnson to discuss respiratory virus immunization. It touches upon many hot topics, including the inadvertent health consequences of the pandemic. Additionally, they offer fascinating insight into how unprecedented collaboration and transparency have raised the research bar.

mario castro

Episode #13: Biologic Breakthroughs for Severe Asthma with Dr. Mario Castro

In preparation for Peak Week, we welcome Dr. Mario Castro from University of Kansas School of Medicine to guide us through the myriad of emerging asthma biologic agents. While this novel drug class has heralded an era of targeted therapy, what are the promises and challenges? Dr. Castro discusses the inflammatory cascade that drives the disease process, along with the evolution of biomarkers used to predict treatment response.


Episode #12: Future of Lung Cancer Precision Medicine with Dr. Andrea Mazzocchi

Data beget progress. Such is the promise and hope of artificial intelligence, particularly machine learning, to match lung cancer patients with their optimal treatments. In this episode, Dr. Andrea Mazzocchi, Co-founder and CEO of Known Medicine, dissects the art and the science of how profiling biomarkers, epigenetics and the microenvironment may provide the synergy needed to revolutionize the oncologic landscape.


Episode #11: What We Know about Health Effects of E-Cigarettes with Dr. Kevin Walton

Dr. Kevin Walton, Branch Chief of NIH’s National Institute on Drug Abuse, joins us to deliberate on one of the most-discussed topics in respiratory health today: electronic cigarettes. Ever since their 2007 introduction in the U.S., these popular nicotine delivery systems have sounded the alarm of public health experts everywhere. In this episode, Dr. Walton breaks down the science surrounding their use, including addictive properties and device emissions, while explaining the data gaps that remain to be filled. His team is leading the charge to better understand the health risks and helping to develop a standardized device for research purposes.


Episode #10: Air Quality, Climate Change & Health Impacts with Drs. Alan Greenglass & Pouné Saberi

Drs. Alan Greenglass and Pouné Saberi at Christiana Care share their expertise in population medicine and social responsibility to make a case for climate justice. What is the human cost of poor health due to climate change? How can medical institutions improve their carbon footprints? All healthcare providers are encouraged to tune in to learn effective strategies and actionable tactics for transforming public policies and moving the environmental needle. (Additional resources can be located at and

Cleveland Clinic

Episode #9: Advancements in Lung Transplants with Cleveland Clinic Team

Cleveland Clinic’s Drs. Carli LehrWayne Tsuang and Maryam Valapour are in the studio to discuss the art and science of lung transplantation. So much progress has been made in recent years, such as successfully bridging patients to transplant, expanding the lung donor pool and preventing post-transplant complications. This impressive team shares their unique, in-the-field perspectives that include why short-term survival rates have greatly improved, while long-term gains have been more modest.


Episode #8: Storied History & Continued Hurdles of Tuberculosis with Dr. Philip LoBue

Just in time for World Tuberculosis Day, we are joined by Dr. Philip LoBue, CDC’s Director of the Division of Tuberculosis Elimination. The informative discussion reviews how TB once devastated the U.S., contributed to the Lung Association’s humble beginnings, and remains a worldwide burden. Tune in to learn all about this epidemic-level infectious disease – from transmission to treatment.

dr. alcendor

Episode #7: The Discriminate Effect of COVID-19 with Dr. Donald Alcendor

This episode kicks off Black History Month by featuring nationally recognized infectious disease expert Dr. Donald Alcendor of Meharry Medical College. Dr. Alcendor virtually sits down with host Dr. Albert Rizzo to detail how historic and ongoing health disparities in Black, Brown and other communities of color impact the COVID-19 pandemic. It also sheds new light on coronavirus mutations and monoclonal antibodies, in addition to the importance of an equitable vaccination rollout.


Episode #6: New Asthma Management Guidelines Primer with Dr. Anne Dixon

Dr. Rizzo kicks off 2021 with a crash course on NHLBI’s newly released Asthma Management Guidelines with Dr. Anne Dixon at the University of Vermont. Dr. Dixon is a member of the Expert Panel Working Group that originated the focused updates. With six priority topic areas, they are designed to improve patient care and support informed decision making in the clinical setting.

meilan han

Episode #5: COPD Check-in with Dr. MeiLan Han

The last episode of 2020! On it, Dr. Rizzo catches up with leading expert Dr. MeiLan Han at the University of Michigan to share insights into the most burdensome chronic respiratory disease in the U.S. – chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The conversation not only covers phenotypes and prognosis, but recent studies and new treatments.

Avrum Spira, M.D.
Steven Dubinett, M.D.

Episode #4: Dreaming of Lung Cancer Interception with Drs. Avrum Spira and Steven Dubinett

It is a twofer in this episode capturing the spirit of Lung Cancer Awareness Month when Dr. Rizzo is joined by leaders of the Lung Cancer Interception Dream Team, Dr. Avrum Spira at Boston University and Dr. Steven Dubinett at University of California, Los Angeles. The Dream Team – our joint effort with Stand Up To Cancer and LUNGevity – is an alliance of over 40 experts focused on discovering better ways to detect lung cancer before it takes hold.

Dr. Fauci

Episode #3: Up Close & Personal with Dr. Anthony Fauci

Dr. Rizzo shares the stage with possibly the most trusted person in medicine right now, NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci! Their lively conversation features fascinating insight into the latest COVID-19 news, including aerosol transmission of the virus, advances in vaccine platform technology and lessons learned to guard against future pandemics. What does Dr. Fauci say about the likelihood of eradicating this coronavirus? Listen and learn!

Episode #2: Double the Miracle: How Double-Lung Transplants Saved COVID-19 Patients with Dr. Ankit Bharat

This past spring, surgeons at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago successfully performed a double-lung transplant for the very first time on a patient whose lungs were severely and irreversibly damaged by COVID-19. Shortly thereafter, the lifesaving operation was repeated in another COVID-19 patient in his 60s. In this episode, Dr. Rizzo (virtually) sits down with Northwestern’s Chief of Thoracic Surgery, Dr. Ankit Bharat, to delve into the details of his headline-making double-lung transplants and what they means for the future. It is a must-listen!

Dr. David Ho on Time magazine cover

Episode #1: COVID-19, Complications & Search for a Cure with Dr. David Ho

In our very-first episode, Dr. Rizzo connects with the legendary Dr. David Ho to discuss the latest in COVID-19 research. Named TIME magazine’s “Man of the Year” in 1996, Dr. Ho is credited with making significant scientific contributions to improve the understanding and treatment of HIV infection. As the founder of Antimicrobe, a database for infectious disease and antimicrobial agents, he has more recently turned his attention to helping to solve the coronavirus pandemic. This episode is not to be missed!

Future Topics to Be Explored

  • Lung Cancer Interception Dream Team: Innovative Technologies & Unique Patient Populations
  • Thoracic Surgery: VATS vs. Robotic Surgery
  • Smoking, Vaping & Cannabis: How to Help Patients Quit
  • Innovating Respiratory Care for an Aging Population
  • How Telemedicine & Reimbursement Policies are Changing Healthcare
  • Addressing Lung Health Disparities

Episodes run approximately 30-45 minutes for easy listening, while going about your busy day. 

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